Author and head researcher of the Leeds Pals website is delighted to announce the release of his book

The Leeds Pals.

This magnificent read which helps to mark the 100 year anniversary of the Great War is available at £14.99.

Use the message box on the right hand side with the number of copies you require and your details.

This site is dedicated as a memorial to the young men who gave so much for King and Country during the early years of the last Century. A definitive guide, lovingly studied and understood by one of the Country's leading enthusiasts on the subject. This site is being constantly updated through the research of Mike, Stephen and Sam Wood, along with information donated by friends and relatives of the pals. The site contains personal case-histories of named soldiers, photographs, local history, military documents and it is hoped that the site will help to keep the memory of the Leeds Pals alive.


Webmaster and Researcher

Stephen Wood


Researcher and Archivist 

Sam Wood



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